Communication occurs at conscious and intuitive levels. An individual person’s view of things is marked by experience and their own position in the world. This is why those who engage in communication must know the people – their views, their concerns, their motivations and their areas of resistance.

Communication is a value unto itself in many contexts. In daily business life, it is an indispensable medium for achieving goals. Without communication, no attention is paid to the markets. Without communication, there is no change. Without change, there is no progress, no adaptation to new framework conditions.

Those who set goals must also think about their communication. It is an integral part of strategies. Because it supplies feedback of what is, thus always opening up areas that can be used by decision-makers.

BCC develops, manages and implements such communication processes on behalf of companies and institutions. Our strengths lie in our understanding of business relationships and our focus on results. We develop solutions with a view to their acceptance and implementability – whether in projects, studies or coaching. Our consultants use their expertise, their creativity and their personalities to achieve set goals. That is our promise to our clients.

Founders start at zero. Or directly at 100.

The idea for BCC Business Communications Consulting emerged in autumn 2003 at a kitchen table in Frankfurt, some 20 years after the former students Alexander Zang and Eduard Weber-Bemnet had become friends. Their aim was a joint pool to which they could contribute their expertise in management consulting, strategy and communication. After many years as managing directors of large communication agencies, the desire had grown stronger in both men to free themselves up from pure management tasks and to use the experience they had gathered in a return to operational business activities.

The initial spark was a pitch to the Employers’ Association of the Hessian Metal and Electrical Industry. Together they developed their concept while sitting at the conference table of an agency they were familiar with. The two entrepreneurs won the pitch and BCC had its own first client.

Eduard Weber-Bemnet and Alexander Zang moved into their own office just a few weeks later. They were joined by their first employees; then they got new desks and more clients. BCC is now a 15-person team at home in a wide variety of different sectors. Yet, since 2003, BCC’s growth has remained organic, with the exclusive application of qualitative standards. Its client base has systematically increased and the portfolio has been expanded to include new business fields. The spirit of the company at creation has remained. The enthusiasm to do things – whatever the starting point may be.

Experienced consultants

Our list of client projects is long and the sector mix varied. Large energy suppliers and well-known chemical companies, automobile manufacturers and industrial associations are just as much a part of it as pharmaceutical companies or companies in the metal and electrical industry.