Driving sustainability


“Sustainability” is one of those words that you would like to take and give a good dusting off. The inflationary use of this term, which is actually so valuable, turns it into a label now even applied to plastic devices. At BCC we focus on its valuable core: that companies not only want to provide economic, but environmental and social benefits as well – something that is also expected. Customers and the public at large demand a comprehensive assessment of a business’s activities.

We assist companies from a broad range of sectors in drawing up this balance sheet and improving it bit by bit. We help you conduct the materiality analysis among your stakeholders and write the reports. Of course, we can also fully assume these jobs on your behalf.

We help companies that do not yet have any sustainability management to develop and implement a customised management system – on the organisational and the technical side. To do so, we also use DIN 26.000, for which we, together with the auditing company Société Générale de Surveillance, have developed components for implementing sustainability in businesses, including training staff. We believe that hardly any company has to create a sustainability management system from scratch. Quality, safety and/or environmental management systems are often already in place. They can be integrated and cost-efficiently managed.

Sustainability in business is no luxury. Properly understood, sustainability is an innovation driver.  It has the power to renew and expand business models. That makes it a driver of change.

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